Graduates for Hire

*Note: The experience level and services offered by individual graduates will vary. Be sure to have detailed discussions with each of the graduates that you contact.

In no particular order…..

Bryan Entzminger – Top Tier Audio

Bryan Entzminger helps ministry-focused thought leaders and organizations sound great and focus on what they do best – changing the world and transforming lives. With his years of experience in podcasting and audio production, you will be able to shortcut the learning curve, avoid common pitfalls and expensive mistakes, and keep your focus on building connections, powerful messages, and sharing valuable resources. Visit Bryan’s website.

Josh Wade – Engineering a better podcast

Josh Wade – Engineering a better podcast

Landen Hardy – Podcast and audio book production

Chris Webster – podcast producer

Chris Webster – podcast producer, founder of the Archaeology Podcast Network and chief content creator. Podcasting since 2011, he has produced 1000’s of episodes across 19 different shows. From bad phone audio to shaky Skype connections, Chris has seen it all. Visit Chris’s webpage.

Lukasz Jaster – podcast producer. Email him here:

Casey Bernard – podcast producer

Casey Bernard – podcast producer offering podcast production and consultation services to small businesses looking for a new way to connect with clients. She has significant experience with different types of audio recording and storytelling approaches. She also holds a master’s degree in marketing research. Visit Casey’s website.

Ben Langford – audio editor

Ben Langford is an audio editor with a difference. He loves working with podcasters and takes great pride in creating a final product that thrills his clients. He takes raw audio and transforms it into candy for the ears. Ben has edited over 100 episodes of the Mindfulness Mode podcast and continues to receive accolades for his work. Ben not only excels at audio editing, he is also an excellent text editor. Email Ben at


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