Test Drive 8 Top-Rated Mics at Podcast Movement Aug.23-25

It’s easy:

  1. Visit our booth at #PM17
  2. Speak into each of the 8-10 mics (see mic list below)
  3. Receive a recording later so you can decide which mic sound best on your voice!

So many podcasters are dying to find out which microphone sounds best on their particular voice. At Podcast Movement you’ll have the opportunity to try all the best mics side by side. You’ll even get a recording to help you decide which mic you like best.

Which mic makes your voice sound the best? Stop by and find out. 

Mic List:

  1. Behringer Ultravoice Xm1800s
  2. Samson Q2U
  3. Audio-Technica ATR2100-USB
  4. Sennheiser e835
  5. Rode Procaster
  6. Blue Yeti Pro
  7. Electro-Voice RE320
  8. Heil PR40
  9. Shure SM7B
  10. Electro-Voice RE20

(See all the specs for each mic in the table at the bottom of this page)

This is a free service provided by The Podcast Engineering School and Podcast Movement.

Tell and tag your friends #MicTestDrive and #PM17

The Mics & Their Specs

MakeModelPriceMic TypePickup PatternFrequency RangeConnector Type
BehringerXM1800S3 Pack for $39DynamicSupercardioid80 Hz – 15 kHzXLR
SamsonQ2U$55DynamicCardioid50 Hz - 15 kHzUSB and XLR
Audio-TechnicaATR2100-USB$64DynamicCardioid50 Hz - 15 kHzUSB and XLR
Sennheisere835$99DynamicCardioid40 Hz - 16 kHzXLR
RodeProcaster$229DynamicCardioid75 Hz - 18 kHzXLR
BlueYeti Pro$249CondenserCardioid, Omni, Bi, & Stereo20 Hz - 20 kHzUSB and XLR
Electro-VoiceRE320$299DynamicCardioid30 Hz - 18 kHzXLR
HeilPR40$327DynamicCardioid28 Hz - 18 kHzXLR
ShureSM7B$399DynamicCardioid50 Hz - 20 kHzXLR
Electro-VoiceRE20$449DynamicCardioid45 Hz - 18 kHzXLR
You'll be able to try all these mics side by side at Podcast Movement, August 23-25 in Anaheim, CA!



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