Second Chat with Mary Mazurek – PES 047

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My returning guest is Mary Mazurek! She is an audio engineer with 25 years experience, radio producer at WFMT Chicago including the “Live from WFMT” show, and instructor in the Department of Audio Arts and Acoustics at Columbia College in Chicago.

We discussed:

  • Recording ping pong balls being poured into an open piano!
  • Recording and broadcasting classical ensembles in studio and on location
  • Identical stereo pairs of AKG 414’s and Schoeps mic’s capturing the room in stereo
  • Spot mic’s on each musician including KM 184, DPA, Shure’s
  • Blending close mic’s and room mic’s
  • Lexicon 300
  • Phasing, space between mic’s, etc.
  • F5 Fusion
  • 8 channels of Grace mic pre’s
  • Recording to Tascam flash recorders as well as a CD burner
  • ProTools mastering and MP3 creation
  • On location ISDN line

And here are two other programs that Mary engineers: The Dame Myra Hess Memorial Concert, and Live from WFMT.

Thanks for hanging out with us again, Mary!

DID YOU KNOW……..We exist for the purpose of helping you, so please comment below with any questions or remarks. Thanks for listening!

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