Various Production Scenarios and Finer Points – PES 055

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Note* FYI, I now use and recommend Zencastr instead of CAST. As you listen to previous sessions you’ll hear me mention CAST from time to time but their service has gone downhill badly and Zencastr is now the best in that space, in my opinion.

First, I reflect on this show – A Walk Down Memory Lane!

  • Session 1 – March 10, 2016
  • 2016 break from Thanksgiving to the New Year
  • 2017 start – Session 38 with Garth Humphreys – January 5, 2017


I am continually delighted by so many emails, tweets, and friendships that this show inspires. I appreciate all of you!

Lexington friends – The Podcasting Course (Emergency Medicine): 

  • Anton Helman
  • Rob Rogers
  • Salim R. Rezaie
  • Scott Weingart
  • Jess Mason
  • Anand Swaminathan
  • Will Sanderson
  • Gita Pensa
  • Julie Derringer

2017 Previous Guests: 

  • Arik Levy
  • Stephen
  • Ric Viers
  • Roy Stegman
  • Kirk Bowman
  • Mary Mazurek
  • Mike Murphy
  • Rob Greenlee
  • Patrick Keller
  • Jason DeFillippo
  • Adron Buske
  • Zack Hanni
  • The Return of Max Flight
  • Garth Humphreys – host and producer of Audio.Pizza

Current PES Students: 

  • Ben
  • Bryan
  • Erika
  • Hunter
  • Jim
  • Josh
  • Landen
  • Luke
  • Ralph and Carol Lynn (also my mastermind partners!)

Potential 17B participants: 

  • Dennis
  • Chris
  • Jeff
  • Jason
  • Brad
  • Wendy

TOPICS this session:

  1. Recording with my Zoom H6 at the Pause Your Life retreat. AT 8035 shotgun mic. Also resumed my gawking at the Sennheiser MKH 416 – and sad that I didn’t buy it when it was on sale for $600 (normally $1,000).
  2. Arik Levy (last session, #54) “The Rode Broadcaster is the best mic ever!  Out of the box amazing. With no EQ I sound rich and smooth.  NT1 going back…”
  3. Describe my PES class recording and production process
    • Zoom – record with this but don’t use it unless Camtasia fails
    • Camtasia – the system audio is recorded very low
    • PPT, Reaper, Soundforge, Ozone, RX 6
  4. RX 6 Advanced (I upgraded from 5) — 50% discount for PES Students
    • Voice De-noise
    • Phase
    • Loudness
    • EQ
    • De-click
    • De-hum

As I mentioned in the audio, here’s my affiliate discount link for Podcasters’ Society It’s a wonderful community for podcasters and producers who have already launched their show(s) and are ready to improve their show(s) big time. It’s WAY more helpful than your average Facebook group, and I’m not knocking any podcasting Facebook groups because they are awesome, it’s just that Podcasters’ Society goes way deeper and wider in so many ways.

Thanks for listening!

DID YOU KNOW……..We exist for the purpose of helping you, so please comment below with any questions or remarks. Thanks for listening!

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One thought on “Various Production Scenarios and Finer Points – PES 055”

  1. About this, Be a Human Being, (about min 12:00-12:20 or so)
    There is a really cool thing you can do, for letting go kinda thing.
    Basically, you close your eyes, and remove your name. You take away your identity, and release anything that identifies you. You imagine you are just a green light, Love, A human being, without any extras and identifiers. If you are doing it with someone you can then imagine merging with them both of you as green lite, love, and just simply a human being.
    Anyway, it’s a really cool exercise for letting go of your identity, and stuff.
    So, ya. ^-^

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