The Return of Max Flight – PES 039

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My guest (for his 2nd appearance) is Max Flight, host of Airplane Geeks Podcast, co-host and producer of The UAV Digest and the #PaxEx Podcast.

Max continues to amp up his production quality, equipment and workflow so I wanted to speak with him about his new toys and plugins. (check out his first appearance here)

We covered:

  • How Max and I eliminated some slight distortion from his signal just before recording this session
  • Aston Microphones “Spirit” (A 20% coupon helped. Max likes it, though it’s obviously different than his Heil PR40 in many ways. Certainly requires different EQ – mostly a 3 or 4db bump around 4K, to his ear)
  • Warm Audio WA12 mic pre (Max saw it at a Guitar Center, “Look honey, it’s orange!” and Googled the reviews, so he bought it at a really good price)
  • Waves DeBreath plugin
  • Spitfish de-esser (one of his guests on Airplane Geeks had a huge sibilance problem)

Thanks again, Max! FYI, follow Max on Twitter @MaxFlight

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