Updates and More New Stuff – PES 049

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Today I’m using my new microphone for the first time! Actually it’s over 30 years old – a vintage RE20 from the 80’s I believe, and courtesy of Marc Johanssen. (join his Facebook group here). Yesterday I recorded session #50 with Roy Stegman using it, too, but that was before I spent time dialing in the settings on my channel strip to make the mic sound tip-top.

NEWS: I’m proud to announce that I am now a resident expert (of audio engineering) in the Podcasters’ Society! It’s a wonderful community founded and facilitated by Daniel J. Lewis, a former guest on this podcast 😉

It’s a wonderful community for podcasters and producers who have already launched their show(s) and are ready to improve their show(s) big time. It’s WAY more helpful than your average Facebook group, and I’m not knocking any podcasting Facebook groups because they are awesome, it’s just that Podcasters’ Society goes way deeper and wider in so many ways.

*As I mentioned in the audio, here’s my discount/affiliate link for Podcasters’ Society: https://podcasterssociety.com/pes/

NEW GEAR: I purchased a Zoom H6 for on-site recording among other things. I especially like the solid build, the different microphone attachments, and most of all the backup recordings on the L and R which record at 12 db lower than the main recordings to provide a safety net in case there is some distortion on the main L and R channels.

I also reflected briefly on Podfest again. Love that conference…

It’s getting close to Podcast Engineering School which starts online on April 4th. I commented on all the training modules and topics that will be covered. Even if you don’t attend the course, these are some areas where you can improve your production value a lot.

Thanks for listening!

DID YOU KNOW……..We exist for the purpose of helping you, so please comment below with any questions or remarks. Thanks for listening!

Want to Start a Business or Have a Career as a Podcast Producer/Engineer?

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