Max Flight – PES 020

Max Flight - host of Airplane Geeks Podcast
Max Flight – host of Airplane Geeks Podcast

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My guest is Max Flight, host of Airplane Geeks Podcast, co-host and producer of The UAV Digest and the #PaxEx Podcast.

We talked about all phases of his podcast production. This is an overview of what Max’s engineering in his own words from an email he sent me:

I’m involved with 3 podcasts, all aviation-related:
  • Airplane Geeks: Co-founder (2008), host, and producer (since 2009).
  • The UAV Digest: A spinoff from Airplane Geeks. I co-host and produce.
  • The PaxEx Podcast: Co-host and I produce it up to the MP3, after which I hand it off.
All shows are over Skype with co-host(s) and guest. Mix-minus, 2 laptops, record into both hardware and software, soundboard on iPad. I record in my home studio, in hotel rooms, at conferences and public events (annually at the Smithsonian’s Air & Space Museum). So depending on the situation, I use the Heil PR40, Sennheiser e835, AudioTechnica ATR2100, and a Sennheiser MD 46 interview mic.
Other gear: TritonAudio FetHead, Marantz PMD620 and Zoom H4n recorders, Focusrite Scarlett Solo, a bunch of Behringer UCA-2xx audio interfaces, Sennheiser A380 and Sony MDR V6 headphones, Monster Cable 3500, Yamaha HS5 monitor. I’ve used a Presonus Tube-pre in the past, but not lately.
For software I use Audacity and Hindenburg Journalist Pro. I love Hindy. It’s really a different model for a DAW. I like to record clean at proper levels with no effects (and little to no noise floor). Each person on their own track, EQ by track, global compression, loudness at -16 LUFS.
Thank you for being a wonderful guest, Max! FYI, follow Max on Twitter @MaxFlight

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