Have Another Slice of Audio.Pizza Baked by Garth Humphreys – PES 075

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My returning guest is Garth Humphreys, host and producer of Audio PizzaAussie Mac Zone and iBlindTech.

Garth and I go deep and get technical – and of course we make it practical and relevant to your podcast production, too 😉

Before Garth and I got rolling, I first explained how I recently rescued some bad sounding audio using various steps: Putting it through Auphonic first (noise reduction, low end filter, leveler), then processing the resulting Flac file in iZotope RX 6 (phase, de-reverb, and de-click), then more processing in Reaper including EQ’ing and de-essing.

Garth Humphreys – host and producer of Audio Pizza, iBlindTech and Aussie Mac Zone

Then we discussed:

  • Garth’s new Yamaha HS7 6.5″ Powered Studio Monitors
  • Compression: Going through all the parameters, what they mean and how they work.
  • LUFS: Understanding how it’s calculated and what it’s measuring.
  • FLAC file format: Benefits of using it for recording and archiving.
  • Phase trick: A cool way to hear what a plugin is actually doing to your audio. It also works for checking impact of MP3 encoding.

Then I told the entire story of my recent purchase of the Rode Broadcaster microphone, and why I returned it quickly. (Note: It’s NOT because it’s a bad mic)

I also talked about the two Fabfilter plugins I bought recently: The Pro-DS (de-esser) and the Pro-MB (multiband compressor).

Thanks for hanging out with me again Garth and sharing so many tasty slices of audio pizza!

DID YOU KNOW……..We exist for the purpose of helping you, so please comment below with any questions or remarks. Thanks for listening!

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