The Personal Aspects of Production and Productivity, with Dave Jackson – PES 078

Dave Jackson

Welcome to session #78 of The Podcast Engineering Show! Listen and Subscribe in Apple PodcastsSpotifyGoogle Play, iHeart RadioStitcher, TuneIn RadioAndroid, RSS.

This is the first ever mostly non-technical session of this show because we cover many important topics for podcasters and podcast producers including productivity, time management, experimenting with new gear, as well as business aspects.

My returning guest is Dave Jackson, podcast coach, owner of School of Podcasting, and host of many shows including Podcast Rodeo Show. Also, here’s the link to Dave’s first appearance (session #11) where we discuss his equipment and workflow, etc.

Some of what we discussed:

  • What time of day/night we get the most work done
  • Multitasking while working on audio
  • Getting work done vs experimenting with new gear/stuff
  • Family considerations
  • Working ON your business vs producing the actual audio
  • The latest you’ve ever stayed up producing an episode
  • What do you drink during recordings?
  • Organizing folders, backups, Dropbox, Backblaze, restarting your machine
  • Line levelers and surge protectors
  • Dave’s video setup
  • Update on my Mac research and plans…

Thanks for so many insights, Dave!

DID YOU KNOW……..We exist for the purpose of helping you, so please comment below with any questions or remarks. Thanks for listening!

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